The nominations for the 2013 Academy awards will be released on Jan 10, 2013.  Since this announcement, critics are predicting which film will be given the award for best picture. The movies that remain consistent among critics to be nominated are Argo, Lincoln, Les Miserables, Life of Pi, and Silver Linings Playbook. The majority of reception from these films are positive. However, the argument among critics is whether these movies will be recognized for their artistic approach to film rather than the movie’s revenue or popularity of the actors and directors.   Catherine Poe of the Washington Times stated, “Ten to one you could make up your own aggrieved list of great films that never made it or actors from Glenn Close to Orson Welles who never took home an Oscar for Best Actor. Just keep in mind that dollars are more likely to decide who or what gets in the winner’s circle.”   While the movies have shown great artistry, critics are also identifying what features these movies have that make them more Oscar-worthy than other movies that have been released this year. You can’t help but to notice within the top five films to receive an Oscar nomination, they all seem to have one or two things in common. The  film already has or  is expected to gross a lot of money at the box office or  the director may have had nominations in the past. 

A film that will definitely be considered for a nomination will be Argo directed by Ben Affleck.  The film is based on a true story of how the CIA rescued American hostages from Iran under a disguise of being a film crew shooting a sci-fi movie. Argo has successfully demonstrated to critics that it has a great plot with remarkable actors. It’s also being viwed as one of the best films in 2012.   However, no one can overlook how Warner Brothers strategically moved the date from Sept.14-Oct.12  to keep the movie fresh in the minds of Academy voters in January. Another  big plus are the great trailers that have made the movie gross 98 million dollars.

Lincoln also has impressive revenue at the box office with 62 million dollars. The consideration for an Oscar seems to come from the obvious reason that Stephen Spielberg directed the film. Spielberg has already won three Academy Awards and has nominated for six in the past and this may unfairly push Lincoln to the front of the Oscar race. Julian Sancton of movieline sums it by saying, “A biopic of Abraham Lincoln directed by Steven Spielberg could be made with animated stick figures and it would still be a shoo-in.”

Les Miserables  carries a lot of star power with Hugh Jackman, Russel Crowe, and Anne Hathaway. This film is an old classic and has always been a favorite among theatre buffs. The reason for the Oscar nomination is being recognized because of the amount of difficulty there is in adapting a  musical to a screen play.  The film has not been released but it is expected to do well at the box office.  Similar to Argo, the release date for Les Miserables was pushed back to  December 25, 2012.

Out of all the predictions Life of  Pi seemed to surprise most critics. The film tells the story of a boy and tiger who form a unlikely friendship while stranded at sea. Thanks to it’s release over the Thanksgiving weekend it has already brought in 22 million. Joe Morgenstern believes the strongest aspect of this movie were the great visuals and great animation.  Like Lincoln, this film was directed by Ang Lee, a popular director within the Academy.   Lee is best known for Brokeback Mountain and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon which won a total of four Academy awards in 2000.

Silver Linings Playbook is  a romantic comedy starring Jennifer Lawrence  and Bradley Cooper.  The plot revolves around a man with bi-polar disorder who loses his family home. He goes back home to live with his parents and meets a widow and they both help each other cope. Critics believe Jennifer Lawrence delivered a superb performance, and believe the movie is  grounded in reality and shows that life is hard not easy. Silver Linings  has already been nominated for  five Spirit Awards  and according to rotten tomatoes it has accrued 6.2 million dollars so far. 

Another movie  that has not been released yet, but  still has the opportunity to be a Oscar nominees is The Hobbit directed by Peter Jackson. Jackson also directed The Lord of the Rings:Return of the King which won all eleven Academy awards it was nominated for in 2003.